About SHU

Our Founder was a part of 100’s of black women invited to be a part of the Own Network new series entitled “Black Women Own The Conversation” After that unforgettable experience she decided to meet with a group of friends and women who were a part of the TV taping; to continue the conversation. After the 1st meeting the women encouraged her to do this monthly. She knew it was a tremendous need when some of the women expressed how they felt Black Women were disappearing. And even though we had come a long way and now had a seat at the table, our voices were still silenced.

That one meetup group turned into a high demand monthly event that brought millennials to baby boomers together to have those real-life conversations about Health & Wellness, Finance, Continuing Education, Business, Love & Relationships, Corporate Frustration and more. But we couldn’t just have conversations without education. Each month a trusted industry expert was invited to help enlighten, answer questions and offer advice and resources. Because everything we do is built upon the foundation of education.

After 1yr Sisterhood Sunday experienced a digital expansion and became Sisterhood University, that took our local presence and made it global. Our previous model only provided support in-person and locally but with the expansion it now allows members to have access to our events online, trainings, virtual expos, networking, mastermind classes and more. It also provides more exposure for the business owner who will now have the opportunity to utilize our platform to advertise, host classes and become more visible through our directory.

SHU is here to empower women of color through thought provoking conversations, education and resources. We the safe space that we provide, women can be heard, be transparent and supported through comradery, coaching and uniformity. 

Our Founder

Sisterhood University Founder Meka Da’Veas (a.k.a. The Ultimate Connector) is a Mother, Entrepreneur and Certified Goal Coach. She believes that educating yourself prior to starting the journey will prevent you from costly mistakes. As a Goal Coach she is dedicated to helping people find their purpose and become a champion in every area of life.

Meka is relentless in making sure everyone she comes in contact with, know that they matter!
So she started Sisterhood University formally known as Sisterhood Sunday because she saw a need to create a space for women of color to be able to learn, express themselves without judgement and connect with like-minded women to help build careers, personal growth and business.

Meka was born in Ocala, FL and currently resides in Atlanta, GA. She is the proud mother of 2 son’s, Austin & Dallas.